A Full Range of Affordable Skip Hire Services in Upminster

Both those making use of skip hire services for the first time, and those who’ve used plenty of skips in their day, can struggle in deciding on the right size of container for their particular needs. That’s why on this page, the Crow Skip Hire team has looked to provide some advice to our clients in Upminster and surrounding areas – which comprise our principal service areas.


If you’re still unsure on which skips, detailed over on our skip size page, will best suit your particular waste management requirements – pick up the phone and call us on 01708 760 767. A member of the Crow Skip Hire team will be on hand to help, and should you so require, to provide sa quote on the skip hire services requested. What’s more, we can be with you in no time at all, due to our close proximity to Upminster in nearby Romford.


Tips for Choosing the Right Sized Skip


Consider Sources & Volume – It might sound like rather obvious advice, but sometimes Upminster clients are so focused on the primary type of waste that will be developed during a job/project, they forget about potential secondary sources. For example, if you’re adding an extension to your property and converting a downstairs room into an open-plan layout, there are a few different things to consider: dirt and concrete from groundworks, plumbing infrastructure and wiring which may be gutted out and replaced, fixtures that are no longer wanted and need to be scrapped etc. Giving thought to all that you’ll want to scrap will help you pick the right sized skips.


Beware the Type of Waste Accrued – Building on from this last point, it’s important to be aware that many types of waste cannot be disposed of via our skip hire services, due to their hazardous nature. Some examples include: asbestos, paint cans, fridges, oil and tyres; all of these and similar potentially toxic items will require a different waste management solution. The Crow Skip Hire team is always on hand to advise Upminster residents on what can and cannot be placed in skips. Being aware in advance means you’re better likely to choose the right type skip, rather than going for something large but finding out lots can’t be placed in it.


Find the Perfect Skip Location – While the above tips focus on evaluating the waste to be placed in skips, this is more about figuring out what your property/land has space to hold. In some situations we’ve encountered around Upminster, clients have wanted very large skips due to the scope of their particular project, but the skip hire services we’ve provided have been limited by available land for the skip to sit on. This is never a huge issue: we’ll simply provide a tailored waste management service in which smaller skips are taken away and replaced “little and often”, so don’t fret! Alternatively, we can obtain a licence for a skip to be placed on a public highway or footpath from Upminster’s local authority.

Require further advice regarding our skip hire services? Call the waste management veterans at Crow Skip Hire on 01708 760 767!
















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