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If you’ve found this page, it’s likely because you’re searching for a reputable and time served waste management company specialising in skip hire services; we’re happy to say you’ve found one! Romford based Crow Skip Hire has a range of skips in all sorts of sizes that can be employed for domestic, commercial and even industrial undertakings, ensuring that you can easily and responsibly dispose of waste you accumulate.


Below, for the benefit of both new and existing clients in the Romford area, we’ve provided a short FAQ. But if you have a different query, or simply want to get on with booking our skip hire services, then feel free to call our team on 01708 760 767.


The Crow Skip Hire FAQ


What size skip should I opt for?


This we can assist with on a case by case basis, but consider: the expected volume of waste, potential secondary sources of waste, what can and cannot be placed in the skip (see question further down page), and how much space you have on your site/property for skips. Then visit our Skip Size page, which lists the various skips we have available and how many bin bags worth of waste each takes. If unsure, contact our Romford based waste management professionals for advice and assistance.


Why is it important to use a licenced waste carrier when requesting skip hire services?


The chief reason is a licenced waste management provider, like our own in Romford, will be responsible with the way waste is handled; specifically, by recycling every last bit of waste that can be recycled, thereby minimising what goes to landfill. Unlicensed skip hire services firms may be unscrupulous in the way they dispose of their waste, likewise, you may end up paying more and receiving a lower standard of customer service.


How big does my driveway need to be?


If your driveway is over 2 and a half metres wide, our skip hire vehicles should be able to access your property and safely deposit a skip in your driveway. Failing this, we can arrange for an alternative set up in which your skips are placed on a public footpath or highway. However, this requires a licence obtained from Romford’s local authority. Our team can handle this process on your behalf, and provide the mandated items such as traffic cones and reflective stickers to ensure the skip can be seen and avoided by vehicles/the public generally.


Is there anything that can’t be placed in skips?


A fair amount, unfortunately. The list of banned items includes: batteries, fluorescent bulbs, tyres, medical waste, fuel, solvents, paints, asbestos, gas cylinders, plasterboard and fridges, though this is not exhaustive. If in doubt, we urge Romford clients to call our skip hire services team for bespoke advice on alternative waste management solutions.


Why choose Crow Skip Hire over competing waste management companies in Romford?


Simply put, we have a fantastic reputation in the Romford area for providing affordable skip hire services that put the customer first. We’re always on hand to collect full skips, and replace them with empty receptacles; this means no hold up in which you wait for an unreliable waste management firm to finally show up and take away your skip.

If you have a question not answered in the above, or simply wish to speak with our Romford based waste management professionals regarding our skip hire services, call 01708 760 767.
















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