The Gold Standard for Skip Hire in Rainham

Crow Skip Hire provides waste management solutions in and around the Rainham area, operating out of a base in nearby Romford. We pride ourselves on helping domestic, commercial and industrial clients alike by tailoring the supply and collection of skips to their individual needs and timetable – so that you can focus on completing whatever project it is you’ve undertaken, and leave disposing of waste and materials to us.


Below, we’ve looked at an aspect of skip hire services that it’s essential to stress the importance of: waste management and the law, specifically regulations that govern the provision and use of skips. But it may be you’re already well familiar with this topic, it being far from your first time making use of skip hire! If so, and you’re based in or around the Rainham area searching for a reputable waste management specialist, then pick up the phone and call us on 01708 760 767.


Skips and the Law – What You Need to Know


Hazardous Waste – There is an extensive list of items that cannot be placed in skips due to their hazardous nature. Some are obvious, like: asbestos, pesticides and medical waste; others are less obvious, such as tyres, paint and certain white goods, e.g fridges. The full list is easily available online, or we can provide free, no obligation advice to Rainham clients unsure as to what can go in, upon requesting our skip hire services.


Fly Tipping – The vast majority of clients would never consider fly tipping; after all, they’ve requested our skip hire services solutions due to wanting to handle waste management in a responsible and legal manner. But it’s not unheard of around Rainham and its surrounds that the waste originally place in skips has been removed and fly tipped, as to make room for more waste in them. This is illegal, and carries serious repercussions including fines. Instead, when skips are full, just give us a call and we’ll be with you in a flash to empty them and resupply you with empty ones.


Licencing – If skips are entirely on your own land/property, you don’t need to worry about getting a licence. However, if your plan is to place them on public land (e.g a pavement or road), you’ll need to get one. As part of our complete range of skip hire services, we can assist Rainham clients in this undertaking. The main things we’ll need to ensure is that the skip isn’t blocking any entrance or exist to a road, or utility access points, or a junction. In some cases, it may be required for us to place reflective markings around the skip in addition traffic cones. Crow Skip Hire, as your local waste management specialist, will ensure all boxes are ticked to avoid any legal culpability.

To order skips, or learn more about the waste management services we provide Rainham and its surrounds, pick up the phone and call Crow Skip Hire on 01708 760 767.
















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