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While skip hire is an incredibly effective waste management solution, both due to its affordability and ubiquity, there are certain types of item that cannot, by law, be placed within skips. Crow Skip Hire, as the Emerson Park area’s first choice provider of skip hire services, have looked to run over these different items and where they should instead be sent/how they should be disposed of.


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Prohibited Items – What You Can’t Place in Skips


Paint Cans – Unless completely, 100% empty – paint cans will need to be disposed of separately from other waste materials that are a-ok for skips and similar waste management solutions. You may be able to get out the dregs of paint using boiling water or a bit of elbow grease, but if unable or they’re a bit more full than this would allow for, contact Emerson Park’s local authority for disposal advice.


Mattresses – Another item requiring specialist disposal, mattresses are thus not suitable for disposal via our skip hire services. Your local, Emerson Park tip of choice will most likely accept mattresses, but consider other means of disposal such as donation or sale, should it be in acceptable condition. Not only does this prevent them taking up valuable space at landfill, but it might net you a nice return.


Plasterboard – Skip hire services can be used to dispose of plasterboard, but only if skips contain 100% plasterboard. This is because it cannot be legally mixed in with other forms of waste. If you have the space and expect a lot of plasterboard will need to be disposed of during a project, call our Emerson Park waste management experts to arrange multiple skips that can be designated different loads.


Tyres – Many Emerson Park garages, when replacing old tyres that are damaged or have less than the legal minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, will offer to dispose of your old set for you. Other options include contacting your council for local options. Under no circumstances should tyres be disposed of via skip hire / skips.

Asbestos – Perhaps the most obviously prohibited material, asbestos is banned from skips due to it being so hazardous to human health and natural ecosystems. You’ll need to find a waste management company that specialises in disposal of potentially dangerous materials.


TVs & CRT Monitors – Another instance of needing to contact your local council, or listing on social media/Gumtree to find an Emerson Park resident who might want to make use of them; as with old mattresses, this is also a great potential way to make some money on the side!


Electrical Equipment & Appliances – Due to specific rules governing the disposal of electrical equipment and appliances, including white goods like fridges and freezers, skip hire services are not a means of ditching such products. Waste management companies specialising in electrical equipment, recycling firms, scrap metal merchants and council approved companies/services are all great alternatives to skips that we’d recommend our Emerson Park customers look into.

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