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When you think of skip hire, you probably think of home extension projects and similar construction jobs. While this is certainly a huge chunk of what we assist with, as the Dagenham area’s first choice waste management company and local specialist for skip hire services, skips can be a major help in many other situations that might not immediately leap to mind.


On this page, we’ve looked at the most common reasons our Dagenham clients request our skip hire services. We hope it means that the next time you find yourself in one of the below situations, you think of us and how our skips can help streamline the job. Already decided that you require skips or other waste management solutions featured across this website? Please go right ahead and call our friendly team on 01708 760 767.


How Our Skip Hire Services Can Help You


Property Moves – Moving house or office can be a stressful time. In addition to transporting all your belongings, the process usually means clearing up the property you’re departing; this inevitably results in unearthing all sorts of rubbish and unwanted possessions that would prove costly to take with you, then merely take up much needed space. This is where Dagenham movers can make use of our skip hire services. Our skips can sit on your driveway and you can throw in unwanted rubbish and goods, saving you countless trips back and forth to the tip. The money saved on petrol or hiring a van, plus the time saved, make it an incredibly efficient waste management solution here.


Garden Overhauls – The green thumbed find skips a fantastic asset. If you’re overhauling your garden, perhaps replanting some flowers or trees and trimming others, you’ll quickly find you’ve accrued a huge quantity of green waste. Soil, leaves, branches and all manner of other bits and bobs can quickly prove overwhelming if you’re not prepared. So gardeners around Dagenham should consider our skip hire services – if you have a skip at hand, you can dump everything in it and not be left having to start and stop to ferry bin bags (which are pretty rubbish, no pun intended, at containing branches etc. without splitting) off the property before re-starting your work.


Developments – OK, so we did say we’d look at other situations that call for skip hire services, but this is a huge category and it warrants mention. Our skips can be used as easy waste management fixes for everything from laying a small patio, to a huge commercial office refurbishment; the range of skips we have, which span from compact to gargantuan, allow us to tailor our service to each individual client. So whether you’re building an extension, a driveway, or even an entire new build scheme – Dagenham clients will find our offerings suitable.

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